FD Courses

The FD training courses are not traditional courses. They have a purely practical approach, with reduced theory essentials and many exercises. How do we, as a site for use as a resource to use.

Participating in one of these courses means you can immediately put into practice what you have learned and to rely on your coach in the following days. The duration of each course and ‘8 hours, and it’ can also organize on holidays.

On request we evaluate the preparation of courses and seminars on specific indication of franchisor


If at the end of the first 4 hours (lunch break) the student is not ‘satisfied with the course faculty to leave the room by simply notifying the Secretary’s office or directly to the trainer. Verra ‘repaid in full.


Franchising Safe and the only course in Italy able to give extensive training to get in position to start an activity’ franchise with the right tools. A small investment you will return ‘in a short time with interest.


The objectives machine and 'the course that everyone should do, for if' and for people who are beside him. Eight hours of effort to finally take the reins of their own lives, and decide themselves which direction to go. You and 'ever heard someone make statements like "if only i had ..." "if only i dared ..." "if i had not left / to escape ..."? If you do not want to find yourself one day in this large group of people disappointed and frustrated, the objectives machine and 'the course that you absolutely must do and advise people who really care.


How to remove limiting beliefs and install those empowering, techniques of successful visualization via synthetic experience and time line, the current state determination and the desired one, the definition of objectives and THE BOOK OF LIFE as a tool to achieve and maintain , removal of negative and approaching those positive feelings, restructuring of the images in memory and their elaboration, amplification techniques of self-esteem and leadership.


How and where to find sellers, how to make search listings, how to make sure that candidates be ambitious to work for us, such as skim automatically applications without wasting time, how to do interviews with candidates selected. Creation of the network and its organization. Weekly schedule of activities’ and monitoring of the sales force. Criteria incentive, evaluation, career and network growth.


How to retain customers at point of sale, such as increasing per capita sales, how to make sure that customers talk about us, how to make sure that the other customers bring customers, triggering a viral marketing, how to organize meetings with already acquired customers to engage in the initiatives, in promotion campaigns and more ‘in general in the attivita’ of our store.


Communication strategies persuasive, effective negotiation techniques, calibration and tracing techniques, how to empathize with the customer and then drive it, techniques to convey to the customer the added value of our person and company that we represent, techniques understand the desires and wishes of the customer in order to shape the offer, sale as a seduction of the customer and generating wellbeing, preventive removal of technical objections. The language and the restructuring of the sentences.


Techniques anchoring of positive sensations, public techniques speaking and communication through emotions, the stress associated to manipulate images, deceleration techniques, acceleration and distortion of perceived time, amplification techniques of the positive stress and containment of the negative.


How and where to conduct the research, how to select people, how to make sure that the candidate wishes to work with us than with any other competitor, how to organize the activities, career, motivation dele people. Criteria for leadership and delegation. How to involve staff in corporate initiatives and be part of the group.