Our Terms

FD would you like to collaborate with? Below summarizes the mission and characteristics of the people with whom we would like to get in touch. If you feel you identify yourself with these features please contact us via email attaching your cv and a photo.


franchisingdoctors believes that franchising is a great opportunity to do business, but that not all the proposals are equally valid and available to everyone. Our mission is to make sure that the franchisor company is able to develop its network in a profitable, and that the franchisee will be able to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations, bridging individual and organizational gaps that possibly the franchisor-franchisee partnership arise.

Requirements character

FD consultant is a trustworthy person, dependable, with personal and professional integrity seriously. Among its values honesty prevails ‘, humility’, respect for others, the awareness of his own limitations and skills. Franchising is often the dream of many new entrepreneurs, and in some cases their only chance to invent a job. FD is not a charity, but neither is a company that looks solely to profit. Within fd there is no place for assault vendors or unscrupulous people. The interest and customer satisfaction are always the priority.

Professional requirements

the fd consultant is a person with experience in education, preferably addressed to companies. He ‘used to speaking in public, knows the techniques of public speaking o’ willing to acquire. E ‘preferably an nlp coach, or has at least a practitioner. He has organizational skills and know how to listen before speaking.

It constitutes preferential element already have a previous experience of managing a network or a franchise point.

Type of relationship

external collaboration. Needs to vat.