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A Detailed Overview About Power System Companies.

Image of High Voltage Tower with Sky Background

Image of High Voltage Tower with Sky Background


A power supply is an essential requirement for the functioning of the world. Without power, the industries, companies, hospitals, institutions, and other centers would not function. Thus an uninterrupted power supply is essential for the proper functioning of various important activities. Several companies manufacture batteries, UPS, and other power systems which offers power supply in case of lack of electricity.

Here you would know about the widespread power system companies that are striving hard to expand their business to other parts of the country.


Nantech Power Systems- Popular Manufacturer and Supplier Of UPS


Banner of Nantech Power System which shows the image of Ups inverters.


Nantech power system is a leading manufacturer and supplier of UPS systems in Chennai. They manufacture inverters, stabilizers, batteries, and other power systems that support the power supply of residential and commercial buildings. We offer dealership of high-quality UPS and other electrical equipment. The products of Nantech power system are known for its highly efficient, enhanced performance UPS and inverters. They offer maintenance and service for the batteries manufactured by them. Our experienced and trained technicians install the power systems in the right manner. We deal with power factor controllers and CVT. Customers are satisfied with the products and services of Nantech Power Systems. Nantech wishes to expand its business to several other places in Tamil Nadu. They are offering franchising opportunities to people who are experienced in handling UPS and inverter systems. The franchising partners should be capable of setting up an outlet for the sales of power systems and storage area to store the products of Nantech power systems.Here you Check out the top 5 inverter models in India


Composite Synergy Solutions- A leading Manufacturer Of Batteries


Image That Shows Ups and Inverter Batteries with white background


They are the leading manufacturer and maintenance of various types of batteries used for different purposes. All the batteries manufactured by composite synergy are durable and would last long for several years. The batteries of composite synergy solution are known for its efficiency and performance. Customers trust their products as it is of high quality that meets international standards. They have become a popular brand of batteries used for residential and commercial purposes. They offer overall maintenance of battery and other related services. They also provide customized services for dealers and service providers based on their request. Composite synergy solutions wish to expand its services to other places. Thus they are looking for dealership partners who can take their products to people in other areas like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh and other popular cities. Dealers can procure products from the company and create a market for them. Composite Synergy would offer the required training and support to the dealers.


Powerzone Batteries Of Amararaja


Image of Powerzone Batteries Of Amararaja


It is one of the fastest growing battery companies in India manufacturing high-quality batteries used for various purposes. We manufacture inverter batteries, automobile batteries, home UPS and inverter batteries and other high power batteries used for commercial purposes. All the batteries are built based on general standards. Amararaja, a famous brand with more than six companies and several businesses, strive hard to compete with others in the market. They do not compromise on the quality in the manufacture of batteries and make use of highly pure raw materials for the same. The battery manufacturing plant is equipped with world-class components and follows safety standards. Amararaja continuously expands their business by reaching people in other places in the country. Pwerzone batteries of Amararaja is looking for highly enthusiastic distributors who can take up the dealership of Powerzone batteries. The dealer should take care of the sales and make sure that they achieve the monthly sales target of Rs.3 Lakhs. Amararaja would help in marketing and offer technical support.


Electrochem Power Systems


Image of Electrochem Power Systems


This company was established in the year 2014 for reviving and reusing the Lead Acid Batteries. They offer this service for Railways, Telecoms, power stations, etc. where there is maximum use of lead acid batteries. The company works with modern technology to revive the old lead-acid batteries and restore its backup capacity. We are offering this service in India and several other countries. We are practicing this latest technology which is patented by the parent company of Electrochem called US Electrochem. The company also manufactures high-quality lead-acid batteries. They are looking for franchisees who can take up orders for the revival and reuse of lead-acid batteries in various parts of the world.


The above are some of the widespread power system companies that are about to expand in the future.


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