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June 14, 2019
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Knowing About Business Opportunities In Popular Food Companies

A group of workers work in a selection line of a food industry

A group of workers work in a selection line of a food industry


The food industry is one of the thriving industries. This is because food is required for your living. There are several companies offering food products and offering catering services to people. These companies are looking forward to expand their business in various other places. There is an attractive business opportunity for entrepreneurs to start off their business venture with the help of the companies mentioned below.


Food Processing Companies and Their Services

NSB – A Popular Catering Service

Catering Food Wedding Event TableNellai Saravana Bhavan is a popular catering service offering quality vegetarian food to people of Tirunelveli. We are in the catering industry for about two decades spreading smiles to people with some various popular cuisines of South India. They have established their catering service intending to serve quality and delicious food. They offer catering services to various family functions like marriages, house warming ceremonies, birthday parties, and other functions. We serve mouthwatering dishes and make sure to treat the taste buds of our customers. They have expanded their catering service in several other cities in Tamil Nadu. They are looking for franchisees who can take up our catering service to the nook and corners of the state. They would provide the necessary infrastructure for running the catering service. They wish to work with talented people who can run the catering business by maintaining our standards.


Sattvic Foods-A Leading Food Company


Sattvic food is a popular manufacturer of papad and khakhra in and around Gujarat. They are selling high-quality papads with a unique taste. Their Khakhra is popular worldwide as they meet up the international standards. They offer food products that are healthy and completely free from artificial flavors and additives. They reach their customers through distributors. Sattvic foods are looking for distributors who can take the food products of Sattvic to other places in Gujarat. They expect the distributors to establish an office and a warehouse for storing their food products. They are looking for distributors who can handle sales of their food products. Saatvic food would supplyComposition with assorted fruits in wicker basket isolated on white pappads and khakhra to their distributors who can only take care of the sales.


Famous Foods-A Ready To Eat Food Company


This is a popular ready to eat in Kerala. The company is now manufacturing a single ready to eat food product. Famous food is about to manufacture several other ready to eat foods. They are about to sell some bakery products. There are products in the markets with the brand name Prestige. Famous foods is about to extend their services to various cities in Kerala. Thus they are looking for distributors who look after the sales and marketing of the ready to eat products of Famous foods. The distributors must be ready to work and establish a market for the food products of Famous foods. There is no investment or brand fee required from the distributor side. The food company expects the distributors to improve the sales and increase the profit. The food company staffs would offer training and support to the distributors.


Vaishnav Foods- A Popular Vegetarian Restaurant


It is a famous vegetarian restaurant serving authentic North Indian dishes in Delhi. This is a contemporary vegetarian restaurant that is promoted by the Red Star Group. Vaishnav foods is the one among the best vegetarian restaurants in Delhi, serving high-quality food. You can relish some of the traditional north Indian dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available with Vaishnav foods. People host their family functions and special event in this restaurant. The perfect ambiance of Vaishnav foods makes it the right place to hang out for food during your weekends. They have branches located in various areas in Delhi. They strive hard to open new outlets in other places in Delhi. Thus franchising options are available with Vaishnav foods.


Fish and meat meals variety flat lay. Top view on buffet with assortment of healthy hearty food


They are looking to expand their business in various places, including Varanasi, Haridwar, Ujjain, Katra, and several other places. Franchisors who are passionate about food can take up the franchising opportunity of Vaishnav foods. Vaishnav foods would supply the ingredients to the franchising agents so that they can maintain the same quality of food. Vaishnav foods would help in setting up a restaurant with a good interior design. Their staffs would train the franchising agents on billing, marketing and promotional services. Here you can find the Best Food Franchises


The above are some of the popular food companies that are about to establish their business in the future.

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