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September 18, 2015
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April 18, 2016

FRANCHISING SAFE and’ the only course in Italy able to give extensive training to get in position to start an activity ‘franchise with all the necessary skills, so you can evaluate the proposals and contracts in detail , by reading “between the lines”, so as to avoid problems. A small investment that you will return ‘in a short time with interest.faranc

Starting a Business’ franchise can ‘be a great opportunity’ to life, but also a great risk if you do not have the necessary skills. The purpose ‘of course FRANCHISING SAFE and’ just this. A practical course was designed not to give general information on franchising, those are found everywhere, but to provide an effective guide that can help the prospective franchisee to make the best choice, to move on the same level compared to the franchisor, to be aware what are their rights and duties.

FRANCHISING SAFE serves to anyone wishing to start an activity ‘franchise but also to those who already’ has one, and maybe you end up with different results from those expected or is found to have problems

What ‘activity’ franchise, what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to an activity ‘traditional self
how to move around in the maze of hundreds of offers on the market
how to evaluate your attitude and what could be the sectors to which direct you
where to find the most ‘attractive offers
what are the most ‘promising sectors on which to focus
how to assess the best offers, which are not always those of the most ‘prestigious brands
how to identify and discard non-transparent offers, unprofitable or too costly
how to tell if the activities’ really makes or hides problems
what are the regulations governing this area, and how to ensure they are applied
what are the rights and duties of the franchisor and the franchisee
how to evaluate a contract and read between the lines
You must include a ’cause the contract to be valid
what are the various types of existing contracts and which is for you
What documents and what instruments should be provided by law
What you have to wait a franchise relationship
What ‘a Business Plan, an income statement and Break Even Point
how to get a loan to cover any expenses
what are the 10 things you need to check before you sign
how to prevent and deal with any problems that may arise
what are the associations that can help you.

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