FD Services

How can it useful

FD can really be a great help to the franchise network. The chance to see from the outside what is the configuration of the system, the working methods, results, brings out problems, minor or major character in the eyes of those who deal in the company can escape.
  • How to retain the franchisee at meetings and periodic updates?
  • How to motivate?
  • On what to focus support initiatives?
  • How to increase sales?
  • How to standardize the operation and the results of the various points of sale?
  • How to verify that the franchisee apply the best corporate method?
  • And it would cost to eliminate them?
  • For a franchisee or affiliate, operating in any sector, not always the information and support of the franchisor can cover the totality 'needs.
  • How to organize the local marketing?
  • What advertising channels privilege?
  • How and where to find collaborators and vendors?
  • How to manage the accounting?
  • How to automate the delegating tasks to others?
  • What are the problems that most often emerge?
  • How they affect the brand?
  • comm


    • How is the communication between franchisor and franchisee?

    • By what means?

    • How often? With what results?

    • Information is widespread?

    • It remains a trace?



    • What is the company's mission?

    • It 'was released and is shared by all?

    • E 'was implemented by affiliates?

    • If I ask an employee or an affiliate to describe it, what do you say?



    • The time required to reach the Break Even Point is revealed in the Business Plan?

    • There are differences between the retailer?

    • What are attributable?



    • What are the results of the stores?

    • There are franchisees in trouble?

    • There are groups of disgruntled franchisees who organize meetings between them?

    • How does the monitoring?