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A Guide To Hire Employees For Franchise By A USA Tech Job Portal

A Recruiter Checking With His Laptop About A Job Application.

A Recruiter Checking With His Laptop About A Job Application.

Starting an IT franchise is easy. It is establishing it as a profitable business model that is challenging. One of the components that is particularly troublesome is hiring. Finding the right franchise employees is critical, but it is also hard. As a leading USA Tech Job Portal, we give you three tips on how to land the best talent for your business.

Be Aware Of Recruitment Best Practices

The first tip is to never wing hiring; that way lies recruiting mistakes that land your business in hot water. Instead of trusting your gut, get your franchisor to help you with human resources. Any hiring information they share, read it carefully.

What if the franchisor doesn’t have any resources to share? Then talk to other franchise holders. Their experience in hiring talent will be immensely helpful. Lastly, when interviewing tech managers, pay special attention. The team lead or manager is the pivotal role. Get an experienced tech professional, and the franchise will operate effectively.

Learn About All Relevant EEOC Laws

The EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission receives thousands of charges on employer discrimination every year. About 3 years back, it got 76,000 of them across the country, and a considerable chunk of them involved franchises.

A Business Woman Working With Her Laptop In A Team Meeting.

Therefore, educate yourself on the relevant laws, which EEOC frequently updates both on the local and federal level. Never assume that the guidelines shared by your franchisor are already compliant. Do your due diligence. A few great rules of thumb here is:

  • Ensure that you and your entire hiring team understands the laws.
  • Add them to the employee handbook.
  • For the interview, include only legal questions. You can create a script beforehand to avoid any questions that fall in a grey area.

Rely On Advanced Recruiting Tech

The last tip to hiring the best talent for your franchise is to automate the process as much as possible. You can do so by leveraging technology like that by Techfetch Jobs.

Given the current market in the IT niche, you just cannot compete without using recruiting tech. You will fail to lure in the top talent. Ask your franchisor if they rely on a particular recruiting tech. Use it, if they do. If they don’t, then something like Techfetch is a great choice.

What’s the benefit of leveraging technology for hiring?
Check Out – To find IT candidates, you can post a job on college boards, Craigslist, Indeed, or Monster. You can even utilize social media sites like LinkedIn or your website’s career page. But it is tedious, manual work that consumes your time. And your time is precious because, besides hiring, you have tons of other tasks to get the franchise off the ground.

With Techfetch jobs, you automate the process. Once you upload the vacant position, it becomes your capable hiring assistance. Within 30 seconds, the Fetch engine finds you the top 10 resumes that fit the position and delivers them to your inbox. You get to save over 30% of sourcing time with Techfetch jobs, freeing you to run the business more profitably.

An Image Representing The Recruitment Process.

Another benefit of utilizing a recruiting tech tool is pre-screened questionnaires. As we said before, it is vital to filter your interview questions. Some tech tools automate this too. They will give you a screening questionnaire that every job seeker must fill in when they apply. It removes any candidate who doesn’t have the necessary:

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Availability

You get the guarantee that you don’t waste time interviewing a candidate who doesn’t have the required certifications or can’t work the obligatory hours. With technology, you find qualified franchise employees in the shortest time.

Some more advantages you get with Techfetch jobs are consulting, development, and support services. The employee matching technology seamlessly integrates with your internal IT systems, workflows, and processes.

To sum up:
The three paths to recruiting the right talent for your franchise are using best practices for hiring, complying with EEOC laws, and leveraging the power of recruiting technology.

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